My Story


Ariel / AR-ee-l /

I value effective communication, whether it be visual, written or verbal, and I’m seeking a new opportunity that integrates my graphic and digital design, content writing and project management skills to tackle the complex and communicate it simply.

I’ve recently moved nearly 2,400 miles from San Diego, California to Charlotte, North Carolina to take advantage of the region’s economic climate. Prior to my move, I worked for world-class commercial and general aviation airports who’ve maintained sustainability and set innovation standards. The San Diego International Airport and Van Nuys Airport are both among the busiest in the Southern California region.

Currently, I work as a Brand Strategist and Designer for Mal Pan Taqueria, an upcoming restaurant concept in Charlotte, North Carolina and as a Marketing and Sales Administrator for an e-commerce retailer and sales firm, Hypemill. Additionally, I freelance as a  Marketing Graphic Designer for various clients.

A diverse background in private, government, quasi-government agencies, and freelance settings have contributed to my perceptive and adaptive qualities. With that said, this point in my career is important because I am searching for an opportunity that leverages my current skills and allows me to focus my strengths in a full-time role to develop and assist a thriving organization.